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Mentorship v. Making Your Own Way

Image by MARJAINEZ for Rookie Last week I wrote a piece for Rookie about how to spot a mentor but it also ended up being about making your own way, no matter if you have to whole world listening or not (all you need is a few loyal friends). I’m

Filmme Fatales is HERE!

So last week the beautiful Filmme Fatales #5 by Brodie was waiting for me at home. https://instagram.com/p/u8pRj0Irlv I wrote about Me Without You, Heavenly Creatures, and Thirteen, some of the most interesting movies about BFFs that I’ve ever seen. This issue’s theme was POWER and I chose to write about the

A Polish DIY for Rookie

This is me in the beautiful garden patch that Emma Dajska’s grandmother tends to in Sopot. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Poland, Sopot is a beautiful resort town on the Baltic Sea. While I was visiting we decided to combine our creative forces and do a little pressed

Losing Your Virginity, Being Alone, and In the Woods

About three weeks ago I returned to the U.S. from a Fulbright Scholarship. I spend a year teaching days, and writing nights–mostly for Rookie. Right now I’m nesting in Jersey City and working on my novel project, inspired by this difficult but interesting year in Poland. More news on that

Writing by an Amateur for Amateurs

Art by Minna Gilligan My most recent post at Rookie is about the difficulties of writing. About procrastination, making a secret wifi-free fort, and trying to bring your thoughts into the world of the Internet and maybe even, gasp, print. I’m writing as an amateur to other wanna be writers

Comic Collabs for Rookie Mag

I recently did some comic collabs with Allegra Lockstadt and Emma Dajska. They’re aesthetically very different, but match their themes perfectly. The above the story of the oath of eternal friendship I took with my middle school best friend… And the second is about gross stuff I’ve done for other

Bullet Mag Mini-Profile

Hey internet! I’m so excited to be featured alongside some of the coolest girls at Rookie on Bullett Mag’s website. They did this Rookie Class of 2013 feature to go along with their cover story on Tavi. I’m beyond proud to be part of this crew, and though my photo is moody,

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