Dear Diary


Hello world, I’ve published pages of my diary online, accompanying a piece on Rookie about Anaïs Nin’s journals and struggling with my own.

In some ways, it’s comforting to know that this accomplished writer struggled with some of the same questions as my teenage self, but her work offers more than comfort. Her diaries are a work of self-creation, as a woman among men, an artist, and a writer. Between the covers of a notebook she makes her life as fascinating and rich as any fiction, creating herself in her own glorious image. Anaïs by Anaïs. She writes of showing up to appointments dressed in velvet like an exiled princess, or dressing in rags after giving away her last pair of silk stockings.

Thanks for reading and following. Look out for the return of Reader’s Report now that I have a semester of grad school under my belt. xx

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