Reader’s Report


Hello hello,

Lately I’ve been focusing my efforts and energies into my tinyLetter, Reader’s Report, which you can sign up for at the hyperlink (you can also read the archive there). It’s become a place to share my own and friends’ thoughts on reading and writing, something I couldn’t find a good format for before creating this.

How to describe it: part diary, part literary analysis, part musing, part review, these are all the things I hope make up Reader’s Report, which is focused on serious, literary books (but leaves what falls in that category up to the report writer). In this we are guided by St. Bolaño, who asks and answers:

“What is top-notch writing? The same thing it’s always been: the ability to peer into the darkness, to leap into the void, to know that literature is basically a dangerous undertaking.”

Not to be all too serious, it also comes with original illustrations by notre Susu, who lives in Paris and draws its various essences, from coy boys to regal matrons. Because what is a book without pictures?

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