Filmme Fatales is HERE!

So last week the beautiful Filmme Fatales #5 by Brodie was waiting for me at home.

I wrote about Me Without You, Heavenly Creatures, and Thirteen, some of the most interesting movies about BFFs that I’ve ever seen. This issue’s theme was POWER and I chose to write about the dark thrilling influence of yer very best pal.

I even did some cute lil visuals for the zine which I am proud/embarrassed about because the only drawing I have ever done is alone in my bedroom as a kid. But I’ve always used pictures to tell help tell stories, and that’s why I drew these–to help me understand the relations of these BFFS and where they fall on the spectrums of QUEER-STRAIGHT or REALITY-FANTASY.

This issue features amazing work by many Rookies as well. Tavi’s college essay, Rose’s beautiful photos on the cover and throughout, and my darling Emma Dajska’s collages.

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