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Art by Minna Gilligan

First of all, please go read my interview with Sheila Heti! It came out on Rookie last week and I am very very proud of it. So pleased to see Women in Clothes everywhere this week, including a copy of Glamour I may or may not have bought at ShopRite.

Here’s probably my favorite thing she said in our interview:

And I guess the other thing [I learned] is that being an artist is really just about making art. It’s really just about doing the work. It’s not a lifestyle. It’s not an attitude. It’s not a look. It really is just about working. You know, I’m not trying to live “the life of a writer.” I just want to write, and I do everything I can to have as much time as possible to write.

It’s easy to get caught up in the romance of wanting to BE a writer. When it’s really all about the DOING of the writing, which sucks because it is very hard. Currently looking to my favorite writer for the discipline and dedication to keep moving forward:


Also, a long time ago I did a round table for Rookie about ART and WORK – basically balancing your creative side with paying the bills. Who better to ask than our Rookie artists/photogs/designers them selves. Check it out here.

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